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Our removals & shipping to New Zealand service can assist with a small baggage shipment to a full house removal, furniture, household goods, motorbikes and motor cars. We can arrange a "share a container service" or your own dedicated container for shipping to New Zealand. We can arrange collection of your goods from all over the UK. Our innovative "You Pack, We Ship" service allows us to offer cheap shipping to New Zealand.

New Zealand

Required Documentation

See below for a list of required documents if you are shipping removal goods to New Zealand.

Please note that the this list is just a guide and may differ depending upon your circumstances (for example an EU citizen versus non-EU citizen)

Contact us for a full list of requirements to suit your circumstances:

  • Inventory of goods.

  • Combined Quarantine and Customs

  • Declaration form.

  • Original passport or a certified true copy of the passport (identification page and entry visa only)

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Additional documentation can be downloaded using the links below:

Restricted Items

We will advise you of any restricted or prohibited items to New Zealand during the quotation process.

Similar in size to Great Britain or Japan, New Zealand is home to only four million people – space abounds; its 29 regions stretch more than 1,600km across two main islands which are separated by the Cook Strait. The furthest that you could ever be from the sea in New Zealand is 120km.

The climate is as diverse as the landscape: the far north is subtropical during the summer whereas the South Island can be as cold as -100 in the winter. Summer in New Zealand is December to February and the average temperature decreases the further south you go. Winter is June to August and the weather can change unexpectedly all year round.

New Zealand is a land of opportunity, whether you are visiting for a short time, or whether you decide to set up home here. As one of the last lands to be settled on by humans, New Zealand has a wealth of animal and plant life and it has a rich European and Maori cultural history. For those with a love of the great outdoors, there are lots many rivers and lakes and opportunities for swimming, boating, fishing, windsurfing, kayaking and other pursuits. In Aukland, the ‘City of Sails’, there is great sailing.

With 15,000 km of coastline, 2,000 sunshine hours a year, and almost a third of the land area devoted to national parks or protected areas, hiking, camping and spending time away from the hustle and bustle of city life is easy – lakes, waterfalls, volcanoes, mountains and fjords are all part of the scenery.

For those of you wanting culture, New Zealand is home to lots of art, music and drama. Wellington and Aukland host international arts festivals in alternate years and the arts scene in New Zealand is exciting with lots of Maori and Pacific influences.

North Island:

Northland with its subtropical climate is known for its long, white, sandy beaches and fishing;

Auckland, the capital city, is the hub of metropolitan New Zealand;

Waikato is home to New Zealand’s dairy and horse racing industries;

Bay of Plenty has the largest amount of sunshine, the most fertile land and beautiful beaches;

Gisborne on the east coast is famous for its coastline, forested mountain parks, surfing, fishing, wine and agriculture;

Hawke’s Bay is famous for its vineyards and orchards thanks to its long, hot summers and autumns;

Taranaki with its volcanic Mount Taranaki is famous for its dairy and engineering industries;

Whanganui – Manawatu is named after its two main rivers and its largest city, Palmerston North is a key university city;

Wellington – New Zealand’s capital city is based the southern end of the North Island and is a cosmopolitan, ethnically diverse city with lots of galleries, museums and cultural attractions. Alongside the urban feel, Wellington also has rivers and beaches for those wanting to take part in outdoor activities.

South Island:

Marlborough, famous for its vineyards, is mostly hill country with warm, sunny days, perfect for outdoor pursuits;

Nelson-Tasman, situated at the north eastern corner of the South Island boasts golden beaches, wine, horticultural and fishing industries and the longest hours of sunshine;

West Coast is famous for its dramatic scenery with the southern alps, heavily bushclad and forested regions and a number of New Zealand’s national parks, forests, rivers and heritage areas. it is also famous for its higher-than-average rainfall;

Canterbury, with its largest city, Christchurch, is being rebuilt after the devastating earthquakes in 2011 to become an exciting business district with sports stadia. Canterbury is also popular with outdoor enthusiasts due to its ski fields and mountains;

Otago and its university town of Dunedin, has excellent beaches for swimming and surfing and its known for its eco-tourism. Some of New Zealand’s most stunning scenery can be found in Otago with kayaking, sailing and windsurfing in the summer and skinning, ice skating and curling in the winter;

Southland has one major city, Invercargill, and offers a relaxed pace of life. Southland is New Zealand’s most southerly region and houses the World Heritage ranked Fiordland National Park.

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