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Our removals & shipping to the West Coast of America service can assist with a small baggage shipment to a full house removal, furniture, household goods, motorbikes and motor cars. We can arrange a "share a container service" or your own dedicated container for shipping to the West Coast. We can arrange collection of your goods from all over the UK. Our innovative "You Pack, We Ship" service allows us to offer cheap shipping to all states on the West Coast of USA.

USA (West)

Required Documentation

See below for a list of required documents if you are shipping removal goods to USA (West).

Please note that the this list is just a guide and may differ depending upon your circumstances (for example an EU citizen versus non-EU citizen)

Contact us for a full list of requirements to suit your circumstances:

  • Copy of Visa.

  • Copy of passport.

  • U.S. Customs Form 3299 (Importer's Declaration).

  • Supplemental Declaration Form RC-159 in the case of international foreign residents who have not established a residence at time of entry.

  • Inventory of goods. Please do not use the terms ‘Miscellaneous’ or ‘PBO’s’ on the inventory.

  • Ocean Bill of Lading or AWB.

  • U.S. Customs Service Supplemental

  • Declaration for Unaccompanied Personal and Household Effects.

  • Stamped I-94 form for non-residents (if applicable)

  • Power of attorney form

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Additional documentation can be downloaded using the links below:

Restricted Items

We will advise you of any restricted or prohibited items to USA (West) during the quotation process.

As one of the four largest countries in the world alongside Canada, Russia and China, the United States of America are divided into 50 states, one federal district and one incorporated territory. For holidaymakers and settlers alike, America’s diversity has something to offer everyone.

The USA boasts most climates across its length and breadth: to the east, the climate ranges from humid content to humid subtropical. To the west, the Great Plans are semi-arid with the Western mountains being more alpine. From oceanic to mediterranean, from subarctic to tropical, the weather is as varied as the landscape, the wildlife and the way of life; the USA offers a huge choice of where to holiday or live and caters for all lifestyles.

With such variety in one country, each state of the west side of America has something different to offer and is generally split into two smaller regions:

Mountain States include: Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Utah, Arizona and Nevada, and the ‘mountain’ refers mainly to the Rocky Mountains although other, smaller mountain ranges are a feature of these states. Phoenix is the largest metropolitan area of the Mountain States with Denver, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City following behind.

The Mountain West is one of the largest and most diverse regions of the USA as it ranges from some of the highest mountain peaks, to large deserts and rolling plains and, for that reason, the climate varies hugely.  More parks and nature-focused activities are in the Mountain States than in any other part of the USA; conversely, there are plenty of cities for those who prefer an urban lifestyle.

Yellowstone National Park with its Old Faithful Geyser, the 5000km of Rocky Mountains, skiing in Aspen, or the highlife of Denver are all reasons to visit and stay in the Mountain West. Saltlake City and its large Mormon population offers hiking, cycling and lots of outdoor pursuits.

Utah houses many parks – Zion National Park with its canyon is a popular attraction; Santa Fe in New Mexico is the USA’s second oldest city and Tucson, Arizona is a city with a rich blend of cultures from Anglo to Hispanic to Native American. The Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam are other examples of the wide variety of places to visit in this area and, for those who want character of a different kind, Las Vegas needs no explanation whatsoever.

Pacific States, consisting of Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington all have coastlines on the Pacific Ocean. Whilst having this in common, there are huge differences for those visiting or settling in each of these states – one main difference for Hawaii is that it is a group of islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Seattle, the capital of Washington State is a centre for business and industry; other similar cities are Portland, Oregon, Los Angeles, California and Honolulu, Hawaii. Los Angeles is also famous is being the home of the film industry and San Francisco is an international banking city.

In the northwest coastal regions of the Pacific States, the climate is cool and wet, in southern California, citrus fruits, almonds and kiwi fruit are grown, due to the longer season; in Hawaii, pineapples thrive in the tropical climate.

The Pacific States do have a commonality for those visitor or for those who have decided to set up home: they all offer national parks and lots of places of interest – deciding where to settle means considering the differences – for example, arctic wilderness abounds in Alaska, Hawaii houses active volcanos and a tropical lifestyle, whilst Washington State is famous for its glaciers and rainforest.

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ship toUSA (West)from only


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